Keeping motivated (and Surviving) during Exam Time !!

Some tips and advise for keeping your motivation up over the next few weeks …

Forget about the mocks.
They do not matter. Some people go at the Mocks like its the real deal, others treat it like an inconvenience.
When you get your results, keep in mind that the correctors often have dozens of papers to grade so try not to get angry if you do a lot of study and get bad marks. There’s a strong possibility that they missed something or just skimmed an essay.
And don’t get too comfortable if you did very little and they were fine, either.
The teachers correcting the proper exam will know what they’re at. Reading through the papers with your class teacher should give you a better idea of how you’re doing, if you’ve been marked badly.

When you’re feeling horrible, think of the future.
It’s so close to the end, and the feeling when it’s over…just, wow. Enjoy the process of filling out the CAO or UCAS or whatever, if that’s what you’re doing. What makes the year so dreadful is the hysteria and pressure teachers and the media create. Ignore them. It is important, yes, but you’re not going to die if you make a mistake now.

Remember to keep to your schedule.
That lovely, colourful wall chart that you spent hours making…it’s there for a reason, not just to look pretty ! Keep to your study schedule likes its your new religion and it will make your study sessions easier. Remember to do your least favourite subject first so your not tempted to blow it off and use the last hour for something else.

Keep your body fueled up as well as your mind.
Eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise, you can’t concentrate if you’re hungry or sluggish !

And lastly….Don’t stop going out.
Don’t make ridiculously strict study plans, because what you need is balance. Feeling guilty and as if you should be doing work all the time isn’t healthy, so plan ahead. Give yourself a couple of hours a day for TV or lazy internet browsing. Go out and have fun at the weekends, provided you don’t do anything that will stop you doing any work for a long time afterwards!

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